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salada de frutas – para ti

do álbum SEM AÇÚCAR, de 1980 – letra de Lena dAgua, música de José da Ponte

anoiteceu, meu amor o dia desceu no mar
escrevo o teu nome na areia, o tempo parou por instantes
vagueavas sozinho na praia
juntei-me a ti, mergulhei no teu silêncio mágico

anoiteceu, meu amor, pressinto-te perto
corro descalça por ti, a lua poisou-te nos olhos
e soltei os cavalos do vento, demos as mãos
caminhámos num abraço eterno
tão ao longe

encontrei-te no mar, percorri-te de cor
nos teus braços de amor adormeci
embarquei no milagre que há em ti
perdi-me contigo no silêncio do cais

amanheceu, meu amor
por dentro nasceu o sol
sobes por mim devagar, procuras o céu no meu corpo
num sorriso os teus olhos encontram nos meus
mais uma estrela que se acendeu
em ti deslizo mansamente

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Karl Popper’s Abstract Society

From Karl Popper’s “The Open Society and Its Enemies”. Are we abstract yet?

“As a consequence of its loss of organic character, an open society may become, by degrees, what I should like to term an ‘abstract society’. It may, to a considerable extent, lose the character of a concrete or real group of men, or of a system of such real groups. This point which has been rarely understood may be explained by way of an exaggeration. We could conceive of a society in which men practically never meet face to face — in which all business is conducted by individuals in isolation who communicate by typed letters or by telegrams, and who go about in closed motor-cars. (Artificial insemination would allow even propagation without a personal element.) Such a fictitious society might be called a ‘completely abstract or depersonalized society’. Now the interesting point is that our modern society resembles in many of its aspects such a completely abstract society. Although we do not always drive alone in closed motor cars (but meet face to face thousands of men walking past us in the street) the result is very nearly the same as if we did — we do not establish as a rule any personal relation with our fellow-pedestrians. Similarly, membership of a trade union may mean no more than the possession of a membership card and the payment of a contribution to an unknown secretary. There are many people living in a modern society who have no, or extremely few, intimate personal contacts, who live in anonymity and isolation, and consequently in unhappiness. For although society has become abstract, the biological make-up of man has not changed much; men have social needs which they cannot satisfy in an abstract society.”

It’s 2021, is it still an exaggeration?