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Preach GPT!

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I really can’t do web design. I’m terrible at it. My aesthetic sense is similar to that of a color-blind guinea pig.

ChatGPT to the rescue! ( too!)

For a long time, I had a project to implement: a simple webpage presenting what I perceive as the fundamental tenets of Christianity clearly. I already had the rough structure of the content prepared, so all I had to do was ask the AI to create a suitable website for it.

Believe it or not, it was done in just 3 prompts:

  1. “Can you create a website titled ‘The Gospel of Jesus Christ’?”
  2. “Make it a bit more modern. Here’s the content:
  3. “Make it more beautiful.”

The result is here: . I’m no designer, but I think it looks nice!

If I can achieve this with the artistic sensibility of a brick, I know that you can do great things too.

The only manual work involved was finding an image because the design initially had a blank space for it. Even for that, I asked the AI for guidance.

After completing this initial design, I decided it would be interesting to add some content to each bullet point to explain the basics of the Christian faith in more detail.

For each bullet point, I asked the AI to generate a webpage with up to 500 words, providing a Bible-based explanation. Again, it did so flawlessly. I didn’t have to edit anything.

I had done everything originally in Portuguese , so I had one last task for the LLM: translating everything into English. Again, it did so without breaking a sweat!

I’m mind-blown. The productivity impact of these kinds of tools is something we are just beginning to grasp.

This was the first time I ever reached ChatGPT or’s free limits. I’m seriously considering buying a premium subscription.