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Why delete code?

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While it may be necessary to use code to build value on software projects, there are many not so great things that increase the more code we have. Let’s make the 10 commandments of No Code™!

  1. No Code has no bugs
  2. No Code has no technical debt
  3. No Code has no cognitive load on developers
  4. No Code builds in no time
  5. No Code does checkout in no time
  6. No Code makes our tooling faster
  7. No Code has 100% code coverage
  8. No Code is easier to read than some code
  9. No Code scales infinitely
  10. No Code is no one’s problem

In the impossibility to write No Code™, let’s simply write less code.
Let’s only write the minimum code necessary.
Let’s delete all unnecessary or unused code! (while keeping all functionality)