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Show up, kick ass, go home

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I love programming. I really do! But programming is not my life, it’s just my job.

Since I’ve married and had kids this has become even more evident. There are things I have to do and that I also want to do besides thinking about my job.

I had been thinking about this a couple of days ago but today I read an article that really summed up my thoughts.

A couple of highlights:

“I opted in to this mindset (show up, kick ass, go home) largely in order to protect my own sanity. If I don’t set clear boundaries as to when it’s OK to think about work problems, I’ll think about them all the time,”

“For a puzzle-hungry brain like mine, programming is so full of not-yet-solved problems that a mind like mine can find entertainment and solutions to their hearts content and still not feel like they’ve truly accomplished anything”

Thanks Matthew Jones for being so articulate!