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ριтєя мαяχ

ριтєя мαяχ

Once I was born and now I’m alive!

Hello, I’m pitermarx.

You can find me in many places in the interwebz

It’s not a reference to this Marx, nor that Marx, just a pun on my real name.

You can see HERE stuff I’ve shared over the years and HERE stuff of my own authorship. I mostly write on software topics or religion. Read here a prose version of my resume.

Recent Originals

The New Testament Creeds

·1489 words
(Translated from the PT version) It’s Easter again! Easter is originally a Jewish holiday , but it was adopted by Christians as a time of celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Why delete code?

·129 words
While it may be necessary to use code to build value on software projects, there are many not so great things that increase the more code we have.

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